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NRL season 2014 with Auckland Nines will lead two days of the tournament on February 15 and 16 in Auckland at Eden Park.

All 16 National Rugby League team will compete in the competition, the tension over only two days, with at least 12 per salary club 25 capped players, as well as the top five players from each of the Club’s salary CAP is also guaranteed to take part — a fan so two days action top-grade Rugby League.

All teams will play three games against other teams in their group, with games every two minutes the nine two and will be televised sports Fox and Sky Sports NZ.

All 16 teams are split up into four equal groups where they will each play one another in the group stage. From there, the top two teams from each group will move on to the quarterfinals, where the winners from those eight games will play in a knockout format through to the Grand Final.



Sea Eagles













Game Fixture Kick-Off (AEDT) Local Network
1 Sharks vs. Knights 10:35am 12:35pm Fox Sports
2 Tigers vs. Titans 11:00am 1:00pm Fox Sports
3 Roosters vs. Eels 11:25am 1:25pm Fox Sports
4 Broncos vs. Bulldogs 11:50am 1:50pm Fox Sports
5 Warriors vs. Raiders 12:25pm 2:25pm Fox Sports
6 Sea Eagles vs. Cowboys 12:50pm 2:50pm Fox Sports
7 Storm vs. Panthers 1:15pm 3:15pm Fox Sports
8 Rabbitohs vs. Dragons 1:40pm 3:40pm Fox Sports
9 Sharks vs. Tigers 2:20pm 4:20pm Fox Sports
10 Knights vs. Titans 2:45pm 4:45pm Fox Sports
11 Roosters vs. Broncos 3:10pm 5:10pm Fox Sports
12 Eels vs. Bulldogs 3:35pm 5:35pm Fox Sports
13 Warriors vs. Sea Eagles 4:10pm 6:10pm Fox Sports
14 Raiders vs. Warriors 4:35pm 6:35pm Fox Sports
15 Storm vs. Rabbitohs 5:00pm 7:00pm Fox Sports
16 Panthers vs. Dragons 5:25pm 7:25pm Fox Sports



Game Fixture Kick-Off (AEDT) Local Network
17 Sharks vs. Titans 10:00am 12:00pm Fox Sports
18 Knights vs. Tigers 10:25am 12:25pm Fox Sports
19 Roosters vs. Bulldogs 10:50am 12:50pm Fox Sports
20 Eels vs. Broncos 11:15am 1:15pm Fox Sports
21 Warriors vs. Cowboys 11:45am 1:45pm Fox Sports
22 Raiders vs. Sea Eagles 12:10pm 2:10pm Fox Sports
23 Storm vs. Dragons 12:35pm 2:35pm Fox Sports
24 Panthers vs. Rabbitohs 1:00pm 3:00pm Fox Sports
25 1st Quarter Final 1:30pm 3:30pm Fox Sports
26 2nd Quarter Final 1:55pm 3:55pm Fox Sports
27 3rd Quarter Final 2:20pm 4:20pm Fox Sports
28 4th Quarter Final 2:45pm 4:45pm Fox Sports
29 1st Semi Final 3:45pm 5:45pm Fox Sports
30 2nd Semi Final 4:10pm 6:10pm Fox Sports
31 Grand Final 5:30pm 7:30pm Fox Sports

Group A: New Zealand Warriors

The Warriors, of course, will go into the tournament as one of the teams to beat because of their advantage home environment, but also for their ability to play with the ball. She likes Simon mannering Feleti them Good blend of size and speed in the forward, while their dynamic halfback Shaun Johnson will be able to use their skills in football in its entirety. Throw in some of the fastest wide men in the game and the Warriors are the specific team defeated in 2014.

Group B: Brisbane Broncos
After having bought extremely well during the season so far, will be Brisbane line in 2014 with a much stronger team than what they did in the NRL in 2013. More importantly for this contest bring with them a lot of tremendous players and with a wide range of relatively agile big men currently passes into the ranks of their Holden Cup teams, the Broncos could find himself with a team suitable for this contest more than with the 13 men on the field.

Group C: Cronulla Sharks
With Todd Carney ship control, look for Cronulla to a real risk of teams in the competition next year. Wade Graham and Andrew Fifita has some really good ball handling skills, and appreciate the opportunity to show what they can do in open spaces. With fast back off their hips to the sharks of the specific skills needed for distribution to the middle of any team.

Group D: Penrith Panthers
Many see the Melbourne storm and the South Sydney Rabbitohs as the danger teams in the “group of death”, but does not preclude the Penrith Panthers from making influence. They have a lot of good talent comes series (displayed in their premiere Holden Cup this year) and has a great combination of size and skill in the forward and rear outside. accelerates Guys like Josh Mansour and James Roberts it will be incredibly difficult to stop in this format, and if you’re going to worry about, the page will actually Penrith.

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Watch NRL Auckland Nines Live
NRL season 2014 with Auckland Nines will lead two days of the tournament on February 15 and 16 in Auckland at Eden Park.All 16 National Rugby League team will compete in the competition, the tension over only two days, with at least 12 per salary club 25 capped players


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    • You will able to watch Auckland nine games anywhere in world.Just need internet and pc.Then sign up and watch & Enjoy full match.There are some various option for price.please see and choose what plan are suitable for you.


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